Monday, February 18, 2013

The E Cigarrette!

Thanks to science, you can still smoke, an Electronic Cigarrette, without nicotine, without tar, but with an imitation tobacco flavor, you can take a drag, exhale 'smoke' which is actually vapor mist. You arn't really smoking, your vaporing. Without Nicotine, nothing is addictive, however some are made with varying amounts of nicotine, or 0mg nicotine menthol or regular.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doctor To The Rescue!

OK,  The prescription for the patches has been 'filled'  and the patches are in your lower refridgerator door,  the Ace bandage and a safty pin to secure it, are ready,  you have been preparing your conscienceness the last 5 days by cutting back on the number of 'cigs' that you smoke,  and the full moon is in the Waning Phase.

Your home is clear and free of any ciggarrettes, or 'butts',  friends and family are on 'notice'!  The air is freshened, burn incence, it's another 'help'.

If you are a Spiritual person, pray,  if not, than make a pledge to yourself of your determination to quit!

Hear the drum roll?  (kidding)  But this is a TURNING POINT in your life!

You have already smoked your last ciggarrett,  the smoke is cleared,  you have taken your shower/bath,  and all systems are GO!!!

Remove one patch from the box in the fridge,  press it on your arm,  wrap the Ace bandage over the patch, to hold it firmly in place, flush to your skin,  it will supply you with your 'fix',  the nicotein your body craves.

Go on about your business,  NO SMOKING,  you should not have any cravings at all, and the Ace bandage should apply enough pressure to remind you, that you no-longer smoke.  WARNING,  smoking while wareing a nicotein patch, could well result in NICOTEIN POISONING.  Can you be trusted not to kill yourself?

Wear your patch all day and all night, till you get ready to shower/bath again and repeat for the next 5 days.

Day six through day 10....... Remove a patch from wrapper,  CUT IT IN HALF,  place one half in wrapper, back in fridge,  the other half on your arm, leg, etc.  repeat steps above.

Day 11 through day 15.......CUT THE HALF PATCH IN HALF..... you now hold a patch about the size of a postage stamp.

On Day 15, you decide if you want to try a forth patch every other day,  or just toss them in the garbage, and call yourself  'UNHOOKED',  you are, you know!

Life In The 'Relaxed' Lane!

Now that your finally off of those nasty ciggarrettes,  YES, you really are 'Smoke Free,'  if you truly followed these suggestions,  its time to think of OTHER things.

You have no doubt replaced that bad habit with something, hopefully not worse.

If your sitting there STUNNED,  counting the days since you last smoked,  knowing that you are really  no longer addicted,  but finding that fact so hard to believe,  its because the nicotein has left your body, but it still has your mind.

All of us are three in one,  Body, Mind, and Spirit,  you probably still smoke in your dreams,  when you sit in your 'easy' chair, at the side table where you always kept your cigs, lighter, and ash tray,  you think of smoking.

Treat that 'easy' chair with a fabric freshner,  and rearrainge the furniture so that what you view from your easy chair is entirely differant from the view you had when you smoked.  rearrainge the picture's on the wall.  Watch differant TV shows,  try to develope differant habits,  you have more money now.

Eventually, your memories of smoking will be replaced by memories of not smoking, and other things,  TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE,  the further you get from the smoking habit,  the better and more confident, you feel!

I now do everything I did when I smoked,  (except smoke) everything I 'want' to do,  but while I weened myself from ciggarrettes,  I restricted myself from some of the activities.

Don't think of this as myself or anyone else trying to tell you what to do, (thats 'stinking thinking')  think of it as YOU taking control of YOUR life.

Unless YOU, the smoker,  really want to quit,  nothing will work!

I still to this day,  some six years later,  love 'second hand smoke'  but I don't have to pay for it,  I can't believe that it will harm me,  I know I survived 'first hand smoke' for more than 40 years,  and I know I am very healthy now.

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Take care of yourself, you belong to someone!

Darlene Matthews